About Us

Welcome to TopMunch! A One-Stop Shop For Hardcore Snackers!

TopMunch was started by group of friends from different parts of the world. Our diverse cultures and varied eating habits, along with our extreme love for food, led us to the formation of TopMunch.

We all enjoy new foods and flavors and we wanted to get a lot more out of our regular snacking routine! So we decided to explore the snacks from different parts of the world ourselves! Our exploratory journey took us to many places and helped us to make many new friends. We have had great and unique experiences in our snacking journey around the world.

At TopMunch we are sharing our snacking experiences by offering you a huge variety of exotic and tasty snacks to choose from. TopMunch is proud to offer you snacks that are full of flavor and easy to munch and crunch for the busy foodies.

Come and explore the world and experience new types of sweet and salty snacks with us. We are sure that our collection of worldly snacks will really offer you an exotic treat. We hope you enjoy TopMunch snack boxes as much as we do!

Join us now and let your taste buds go wild…

Pratik Khadloya

Pratik Khadloya Investor

A Technology Enthusiast, Snack Explorer, Recuriting Chefs, Bloggers and Foodies!

Karthik Ramalingam

Karthik Ramalingam Founder

World Traveller, Startup Enthusiast, Finance Professional.

Chase Wang

Chase Wang UX, Product

UX Mastermind, Product Manager, iOS Developer!

Tri Nguyen

Tri Nguyen Photographer

Snack, Sports and Portrait Photography.